— exactly 108 likes gathered our first Instagram post — exactly 108 likes gathered our first Instagram post — exactly 108 likes gathered our first Instagram post — exactly 108 likes gathered our first Instagram post

Marketing — our goal is results, our talk is never cheap. All killer, no filler.

Relevant solutions for your business



Targeting your ads.

We know your audience and develop a stable streamline of new clients using personalized advertisements. With the right tools and clearly defined tasks. We ensure your ads are visible to both your customers and your competitors' customers.
PPC, настройка контекстной рекламы

Brand Maintenance

Social media presence.

Each month we bring new clients from social media accounts and they want your product ― anything on Earth, from lined pipes to plastic bottles. Everything to attract loyal customers and skyrocket your brand awareness: target ads, promotional posts, creative accounts.

Audit —

Finding out weak points of communication with the customers.

Where you stand in the World Wide Web, your website and your marketing situation. We dig deep into details and give you independent analysis on what you can improve, what you can change and what to consider.
Аудит, определение слабых сторон коммуникации с клиентами

Marketing kit

Marketing materials for your company.

Show your clients, your suppliers and your rivals what you've got for them. Show them to your clients, your suppliers and your rivals.
Маркетинг-кит, момплект маркетинговых материалов вашей компании

Creative solutions

Brand positioning.

Content and event ideas, all the tools for a memorable marketing campaign. We will develop the solutions for your business and make you stand out amongst many.
Креативные решения, Разработка решений для позиционирования брендар
SMM,  ведение бренда в социальных сетях
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2014 – 2020
LTD Biznes Sila Bank details
LTD Biznes Sila

Account number: 40702810629490000811
Currency: RUB (rubles)
Bank: Branch «NIZHNEGORODSKIY» Joint-Stock Company «ALFA-BANK»
BIC: 042202824
Corr. acc.: 30101810200000000824
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN): 5902031831
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP): 590401001

24 Revolutsii Street – 154, Perm, 614007, Perm Krai